May 21st, 2009 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
  • 18:54 Since T3 was so very horrible I think I'm going to boycott T4 even though Bale has a starring role. TSCC should be the true Terminator canon #
  • 20:32 Wow, I just got retwittered by THE @muskrat_john. I think this might just count as my fifteen minutes of internet fame. :) #
  • 21:04 Things are starting to pick back up on the KC-45A tanker project. Updates at - please sign and retweet. #


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"Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it."
- Belgicia Howell

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Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

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Name: You can call me "Nash"
AKA: Maverick, Big Red
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Age: 28 years
Height/Weight: 5'10", 225 lbs.
Eyes/Hair: Hazel, Dark Brown
Sign: Capricorn / Year of the Ram
Blood Type: O+
Pirate or Ninja: Ninja!
Availability: Single and looking
Occupation: Network Admin
Education: University of Alabama
Bachelor of Science (Comp.Sci.)
Certs: MCP, MCDST, Network+
Drinks/Smokes: Yes / Hell No!
Political Affiliation: Independant
Overall Awesomeness: 98%
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It is a time when, even if nets were to guide all consciousness that had been converted to photons and electrons towards coalescing, standalone individuals have not yet been converted into data to the extent that they can form unique components of a larger complex.

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