May 10th, 2009

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Bullet Time

  • 14:13 Just uploaded an infield shot from Talladega of the Carl Edwards wreck. Guess who's right there in the front row? #
  • 14:31 I keep wanting to think OB would be fun but no one's from nearby. Well, there's one but she just turned 18 and joined. Feel like a perv now. #
  • 17:59 Feeling kinda tired. Whoever was cutting grass right outside my window at 6:30am needs to be located and shot. #
  • 18:06 SUV soccer mom almost killed me on Hwy98 earlier today. Cut across both lanes. Too close a call to see if a cellphone was involved as well. #
  • 18:09 Gonna watch the replay of the Hatton fight w/Mom for Mother's Day. She doesn't know. Poor thing...I kinda feel bad knowing what's in store. #
Player Dice

Bored Gamer

I love board games. Board games, card games, games in general, really. I'm a true "gamer"...not just the "video" or "role-playing" variety, but someone that likes games of all shapes and sizes. Probably explains why I've got a stack of these odd games hoarded away for some reason, despite never really having any excuse to break any of them out. Ah well, you never know when I'll have the opportunity to pull out Ninja Burger or Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond or something of that nature. I'd rather have a stack of potentially unused games gathering dust than a gathering of individuals wanting to play Secret Tiuana Deathmatch and being not being able to provide. You know how that is.

But damn you, star_gazer_021 for getting me hooked on Settlers of Catan the way you did! Bah!

I played two rounds, I think, some time where I stumbled through it cluelessly and a second where I actually started to figure things out. Almost forgot about it entirely, other than the distinctive hexagonal-shaped board, till I was recently introduced to it again. Now I'm hooked, but luckily I don't own a copy (yet) and wouldn't have anyone readily available to play with even if I did. But I overheard someone mention that there was a computer version, and that became my downfall.

Stupid game. I should be studying for my Microsoft certs or picking back up on my Japanese lessons, or something else equally productive. But now that I've found this I've got that in the background, playing a game or two (or five) while chatting and between composing emails or writing RP replies, or while waiting on downloads to finish up. Since it's a board game it doesn't require constant attention, and I can let it sit idle while I do other things. But I keep coming back to it, for just one more game. Just....just one more.

Damn this thing is addictive. If I lose, gotta play one more so that I can win. Now I'm winning nearly every time, but it's a matter of how badly I win. Just won one game with a final score of 15 points, when the game actually stops at 10. Won a second one when none of the other opponents scored higher than 3 Victory Points...very nearly a complete shutout as you begin the game with 2 already. I'm trying to win one by hoarding nothing but sheep and port trading. Another by monopolizing clay and lumber and building roads everywhere. Another still by gathering ore and grain, building cities and buying Dev Cards. Just for fun I played a game where I used every single piece available (not counting those last two Settlements that would have been returned on the final round when they were replaced by Cities, of course). There's not much left to do, but here it is one o'clock in the morning and I'm wondering if I can squeeze in another game before I go to sleep for the night. Why? I really can't think of the first valid reason, but that doesn't seem to be stopping me at all.

Ugh, why couldn't I just stick to WOW or something normal like what everyone else is doing? -_-;