May 9th, 2009

Cowboy, MegaTokyo - Cowboy


At my parents' for Mother's Day. Also at my parents' because it's the first weekend Mom's been back home since her big trip to see my aunt up in Maine. Long story short, things aren't good, but that's a post for another time and day.

Right now, she's heading out to some kind of wedding party for my cousin over on the other side of the family, and while the girls are all off doing this tea party thing us guys are, well, being guys. In particular, Dad is showing me some of the news coverage of the Talladega race from a week or two ago. And guess who's easily visible in one of the front page shots?

Well, I suppose "easily" is a bit of a stretch, but if you know what to look for, you can definitely tell it's us. Hell, you can even see the Dale Earnhardt logo on my shirt. The big guy on the left is my dad - he's the one with the black thing around his neck (the race scanner where we're listening to the driver's frequency where they're talking back and forth between him and the crew chief). The fella in the long sleeves and the cowboy hat next to him? Well, that'd be yours truly.

(Thumbnail - click for full view!)

These fellas were slinging past at two hundred miles an hour, dont'cha know. So they first started beatin' and bangin' to our left. Carl went airborne directly in front of us, can see for yourself where he ended up. After that, he was so close to the finish line he couldn't stand not finishing the race, so he just hopped out the car and ran the rest of the way on foot.

Probably the last 'Dega post, I promise. Well, for this year at know we'll be back again next April. Already got the tickets ordered and waiting on us, and already looking forward to it.