April 26th, 2009

Chevy - Chevrolet Racing

Bullet Time

  • 07:09 apparently, when not drinking or starng at bare breasts, horseshoes is the new big fad. fascinating. #
  • 08:38 new neighbors are way too cute. would have pitched a tent for them if they didnt both bring boyfriends capable of erecting one on their own. #
  • 08:39 too slow. very nearly got an autograph from Kasey Kahne. #
  • 08:41 also, twitter owes me a Tshirt. almost got hit in the head by a free throw from the TV crew while texting. =P #
  • 09:12 tent-neighbors coolness quotient just went up a thousand po9nts. fuck the horseshoes...they're throwing BOLOAS #
  • 12:08 freestyle motocross was cool as hell to watch #
  • 12:12 Nick Saban to be the Grand Marshal for tomorrow's race. #
  • 14:09 Just spotted a 350lb woman wearing a Tshirt that reads "Eat Your Veggies." #
  • 14:18 was just on the JumboTron close-up for the Busch race! #
  • 17:58 Earnhardt comes in 5th and 12th in NNS race. #
  • 18:39 'Dega dogs. =D #
  • 19:08 still can't believe the first thing I had to do once I got up here was cut the grass... #
  • 21:51 Seriously disappointed in people's inability to party. No parade. No major parties. Just a few drunks stumbling in the street. So very sad. #
  • 21:58 current bunch isn't even rowdy enough for me to stir them up into a drunken mob as in years past. to tame to be any fun or any use. #