April 12th, 2009

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Writer's Block: Sweet Tooth

What is your favorite holiday-specific candy or treat?

I'm not so sure I should even dignify this one with a response, because if you don't already know the answer then you do not really know me at all.

What you might not know, however, is that I actually have had people bribe me with Cadbury Creme Eggs before. Even had someone once pay me off with a case full of them so that I'd have a stash of Creme Eggs to last me during the off-season. What can I say, they know my weakness...
Super Jesus, Jesus, Moral Victory


Also, I suppose I should have said something earlier, but a very Happy Easter to everyone out there.

I didn't exactly do much today. Went home to visit my parents, but I do that every few weeks anyway and likely would have done so without it being a holiday weekend. Not that we got Good Friday off from work like the rest of the world, so to me it was just another lazy weekend. Just with better food as Mom fixed a fantastic ham dinner with her signature sweet potatoes on the side. An epic feast!

Kind of feel a little guilty, though I don't know if it's about my own (in)actions or simply the state of things in general. Today was the single most important day in the history of all mankind, and it only barely ranks as a holiday. Better than things like Columbus Day that are holidays in name only, I suppose, but nobody I know really does anything for Easter. A few churches have a sunrise service rather than the usual ones a little later in the day but otherwise it's still praise and worship. If you've got small children, maybe you'll give them a basket with a few egg-shaped candies in it. But besides that it's just Sunday.

It's funny to compare it to the matching holiday at Christmastime. You look forward to the Christmas season all year, count down the days, have huge parties, and pretty much celebrate all month long. Comparatively, you'd think that Easter would be far more important of a holiday than Christmas, and therefore a much bigger deal. I guess it is in the grand scheme of things. But as far as holiday celebrations go, I'm lucky to even remember the date.