March 30th, 2009

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Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now?

What scientific or medical breakthrough do you most want to happen in your lifetime?

Cybernetics. We're getting close, but I'm desperately waiting for the day that we break through with full-blown movable prosthetic limbs and camera eyes with heads-up display, Terminator-style. Even better once people can start doing it by choice. Who wouldn't want to scoop out some of their soft, juicy gray matter and replace it with a nice, computerized I/O disk system where memory's stored efficiently in an organized file structure? I know I would...

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Bullet Time

  • 17:09 Epic ass was kicked at 4:58pm. Crisis averted. Still had a buck thirty to spare. DAMN I'm good. #
  • 22:25 Ah, Final Fight. Its so much fun to watch six thugs surround you, all armed with molotov cocktails and all blowing each other to smithereens #
  • 22:28 Of all the ambushes in history, the "let's murder everybody on the screen EXCEPT the guy we want to kill" one has got to be best and worst. #
  • 23:12 And to think I used to scoff at this game, thinking it absurd that a Pro Rassler just so happened to be a major government figure. Silly me. #
  • 23:23 Crazy, no, INSANE idea of the moment: I think I might do the Azalea Trail Run next year. #
  • 00:02 No, I clearly am insane. If the 10k ATR is next year, then maybe I could try an 8k in a few months. Or, hey, there's a 2k in a few weeks? #