February 28th, 2009 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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I love Azumanga Daioh. Chiyo's Father is perhaps one of my least favorite Anime characters of all time, and his very presence makes me want to punch through my computer monitor whenever he shows his ugly mug on my damned screen. But despite that, it's still one of the single best shows I've seen. And as fondly as I remembered it, after rewatching it today even I didn't give it enough credit - it was more wonderful than I remembered.

There are two things that bugged me, though. Two things that I didn't notice the first time around because I was so swept up in how great a show it was. And since it's hard to spoil a show like this - they grow up and eventually graduate, what else did you expect? - I'll just go ahead and say it here.

The first may sound a little pervy, but I don't mean it as such. One of the things I did like is that over the years you see people change their hairstyles. You see tans appear and disappear with the seasons. But if Chiyo's eleven years old at the start of the series, that means she should be 14 by the time high school's over. Maybe even 15 depending on when her birthday is. So basically the same age as everyone else was when they first started. But she still looks like a little kid, instead of being at least as tall and as developed as Tomo or Kaorin or anyone else from Episode 1 when they were all that age. And that's being generous and disregarding all the times it was suggested that she might one day grow up to be as tall as Sakaki-san.

I suppose it doesn't surprise me that main characters don't change much even when they should. Hell, half the time Anime characters don't even change clothes and wear the exact same outfit every episode of a series. But here they did pay attention to small details in other areas so it just kind of bugs me. Seems to be a pretty big change to just ignore, especially after they made a point of showing that all her former grade-school classmates were now in junior high. I mean, the entire theme of the show was "growing up" so something as significant to a person's development and maturity as puberty couldn't have been simply overlooked?

That one's just irritating, and mainly because I've been cursed with the ability to do math. The second thing that irks me is much more obvious. Final episode, everyone's graduating and everyone's sad because everyone's leaving. Chiyo most of all because she's younger and more emotional. But then she realizes that even if they're no longer going to school together, they will still be together and they'll still get to see each other all the time.

D'aww. Nice, sappy ending to a slice-of-life series about a bunch of classmates.

Until you realize that this observation just came from the person that's leaving the country to study overseas for the next four years. Seriously, WTF Chiyo. You're supposed to be the smart one here.

Sorry about the randomness. Just was bored and wanted to rant for a little bit. Watched some Anime today 'cause my hands were feeling tore up again. They're starting to feel a little better, but even after just typing this much I can feel them hurting again. Gonna call it a night, so see y'all later.


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