February 25th, 2009

Tasuki - awkward, Tasuki - sweatdrop

I think I've just been ribbed.

Finally. A story about work that doesn't end in soul-crushing despair and agony.

Coworker told me earlier in the week to wear jeans today cause we'd be moving all the IT junk out of the current storage area and into the new storage room. Not sure if that means just moving and stacking boxes or assisting with tearing down and moving shelves and cabinets too, but either way I'm a man. I'm absolutely oozing machismo. Just because I wear a white collar and a tie most of the time, doesn't mean I don't know how to get down and get sweaty and work with my hands.

So I show up today in some normal clothes. Actually kind of nice for me...my "good" jeans, frayed and faded though they may be, tennis shoes and a polo. An old one, but still a polo. Hell, I'd wear this out on a date. Of course, everyone else is wearing dress clothes. No one else goes all out like I usually do - I'm the only person that goes above and beyond and wears ties when it's not dress code - but they still are dressed professionally.

Needless to say that I've gotten quite a few stares.

Even worse, we had a big project meeting this morning. And the manager who called it is Catholic, so he shows up in a freakin' suit because he just come straight from Ash Wednesday service before work. And this upstanding, clean-cut young man is sitting beside some scruffy-looking badass wearing some rumpled up blue jeans he found on the floor that morning.

Amusingly, my partner who told me to do this? He's wearing his normal dress clothes. Not sure yet if this means I'm the only person working or if this really is a huge practical joke, and not sure yet which one would be worse. But assuming it is a prank, I did bust out laughing once I saw those other two. I know when I've been beat.