January 31st, 2009

Thor - drinking, God of Drinking, Beer - nectar of the gods

Man of the world

So me and a couple of the other barflies needed a new place to hang after work, since I near about took out three guys who pissed me off at Bo's last time in a scuffle over the jukebox.

Not that this is all that surprising for anyone that really knows me. Just trying to be a little pithy and keep the backstory from growing unnecessarily long.

Also not surprising is that folks come to me, the rowdy redneck, askin' for my opinion on a new place to crash. I warn them that 'bout all I know are these seedy dives and pool halls...not really places office folks would find themselves for a few rounds after work. They say they don't care, but I pass and say I'm up for whatever. Good chance to broaden my horizons.

Funny story is that one of them comes back a little later and suggests a pretty rough place called "Patches", named so after the logo sewn onto a biker's leathers once they join with a gang, identifying their membership. None of them knew any of this...they just saw that there's this bar close by that no one's ever been in side of and thought they'd check it out because they were curious. When they mentioned it, I kind of stopped them in midstream asking them if it was such a good idea. When I told them what kind of place it was their jaws dropped, and after they asked me how I knew such things I think it startled them just a little bit.

And for some reason they thought I was such a nice guy...

(Funny addendum to the story, when they couldn't find a place I took 'em to the same sports bar I went to the other night. Told 'em that I been there a week or two earlier with some folks from my church group, which only served to confound them further. Damn, I love shattering peoples' stereotypes and misconceptions...)
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