January 29th, 2009

AzuDai - Questionable Foodstuff, Questionable Foodstuff

Heart attack on a plate

Hit up a new eatery today. Little place called Cheeburger Cheeburger, like in the old SNL sketches with Belushi. Wasn't too bad despite the decor...the 50's theme kind of grated on your nerves after a while. I kind of dig the diner look when it's done right - as an engineer I pretty much lived at Paty Hall between classes for much of my time at Alabama, including their diner that served as both a meal ticket and occasional drunk tank. But this place was PINK. Way too pink. Everything was pink, and further lit up by garish pink fluorescent lights. Even our waiter was a little too pink, if you catch my meaning (I don't think that the broilers in the back were the only things that were flaming...)

But all that aside, the food was pretty good. And I can't think of anyplace else you could get a burger with peanut butter and artichoke hearts, should that be what your own heart desires. Better still they have a 20-ounce Pounder that just begs to be taken down...they'll even take your picture and add it to their Wall of Fame Shame(?) if you conquer it all.

Any of you locals wanna go take two steps closer to a triple bypass? Fitness regime be damned - this is a challenge and a challenge must be met.
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