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I asked Santa Claus to buy me a label maker last month because I needed one for work. Thought I could requisition one from the big guy at the North Pole and get it quicker than from the big guy that sits a few offices away. While loading the tape, I saw the following instructions on the back of the unit:

1. Install and feed the tape.

Dammit, I can't even make the obligatory "Step Two, ______, Step Three, PROFIT" joke because there isn't a step two. The list of instructions is just one item long, and the installation instruction simply says "install".

Well shit, man. I never would have figured that one out for myself!

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Another short snippet about work that isn't really - I'm finding it really bizarre how I'm inexplicably the most difficult man on the planet to define, at least in a political context. During the course of such friendly political discussion my brother is fond of teasing me by calling me a right-wing neocon asshole (though I'm not sure if the tables have turned now that he passionately supported Republican Ron Paul whereas I was solidly behind Democratic Barack Obama). Similarly, I've noticed that my fellow SysAdmin at work is increasingly referring to me as a bleeding-heart liberal douchebag...in the friendliest interpretation possible, of course.

I laugh it off, taking no offense. We make that kind of small talk over coffee while waiting for the first tickets of the day to be logged into the database, and he's the sort that's not shy about sharing what he thinks. Pretty much just comes right out and says it. Though it amuses me to no end how one person can be thought of in two such conflicting viewpoints.

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