January 24th, 2009

Caution: Overworked Programmer, Caution: Overworked IT Staff

Lord have mercy on the working man

I just got back from work.

Yes, I realize that I'm posting at quarter till four in the morning. And yes, I do have to be back in just a couple of hours. And yes...I do realize that tomorrow is Saturday.

Dammitalltohell. All my life I've heard wage slaves talk about how well a salary man had it, but I've yet to see proof of that myself. Doubly so tonight as our highest paid pharmacist was required by law to be on site while we worked (since we were working on computer systems located around narcotics), getting paid double-time for each hour he talked to friends on his cell phone and listened to music while we all slaved away for free.

Why's the rich man busy dancin', while the poor man pays the band?