January 19th, 2009

Tasuki - Are You Stupid?

Random WTF-ery

I'm not one of these "resolution" guys. You know the ones, the folks that hit the gym hard for two weeks then give up before the end of the month? I hate those guys. Used to piss me off whenever I work out how for one month the place is crowded. For one month it's too packed to get anything done. For one month you're stuck waiting on benches to open up, and can't find a place to dress out at in the locker room.

Then...almost overnight, it's all gone. All better. Things are back to normal, as if these year-long memberships expired at the end of the month. From February on, it's smooth sailing. At least, until the next round of New Year's Resolutions.

That being said, the workout room at my apartment kind of blows. Got one workout machine, and it's now broken. The two treadmills aren't much better, as they've both been acting kind of funny ever since the pipes burst and the place got flooded. I need a new place to train, and due to coincidental timing I'm subject to all these "New Year, New You!" fliers that every gym in town is passing around. Here's an example of one of them that I just had to scan in:

I mean, look at those hours. The place is open 24 hours a day between midnight and 9pm (or 8-6 on the weekends). I don't think it could get more convenient than that. If only I could pack that much into my own busy schedule.

Also, while I've got the scanner fired up, I had to pass this along as well. This was a CD I got this past weekend as a gift - nothing but ancient Japanese ritual Shinto music. People chanting and banging on drums or plucking on harps from hundreds if not thousands of years ago. It is kind of an odd thing, I'll admit, and I'm sure that some people might wonder where someone could pick up a CD like that. Well, luckily the website is printed on the back:

At least it's fitting, I suppose.