January 15th, 2009

Thor - drinking, God of Drinking, Beer - nectar of the gods


Who would have thought that I'd be up at midnight at a sushi bar, having drinks with a musician, a pilot, a preacher-in-training, and a doctor?

I suppose I should backtrack a little. Been busy as of late. This past weekend was a friend's surprise birthday party. Stayed up all night drinking and gambling over at a mutual friend's house...who actually had a guest house on their little complex where folks could crash. (Side note: this pretty much stereotypes me as a Southerner, but dammit I do love me some moonshine. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO, white lightnin'!)

Also got another such party coming up, but the person in question doesn't know yet. So shhh. But sadly I don't think I'll be able to make that one.

After that was poker night...table full of noobs, but fake chips and no buy-in so the reads were all over the place. Conservative table where no one played unless they had a hand. Once they laid the cards down their moves made no logical sense. Even to themselves...they sometimes seemed to do the very opposite of what they meant to do, not knowing any better. I can take solace in the fact that even after hindsight and second guessing I made all the right reads and played up from the small stack to take the chip lead several times. But in the end the blinds were set so low and people were so timid that bluffing was useless, you'd just get $6 in chips when we had a stack of $100's we were playing for. Only way to actually gamble was if you had a hand, and luck of the draw was that I got dealt 6-2 off suit seemingly ever other hand for some reason. Only had two or three pocket pair the whole night, and none higher than an eight. Cards just weren't with me that night, and I couldn't bluff my way out of it.

Tonight I was just going to crash. Today was my early day at work, and tomorrow's my late night followed by my church night. Well, more of a youth group, but if they can lay hands on me and heal my mangled spine after seven years I'm giving them full-blown main event status in my datebook. Anyways, I usually lay low on Wednesdays and rest up. Lord knows I need as much beauty sleep as I can afford, though fat lot of good it's done this ugly mug so far. Got a call instead round nine o'clock wanting me to go downtown to hit up a coffee shop with some friends and some friends of friends and friends of theirs. I was about to weasel out of it, but I know I need to make a bigger point of not doing exactly that. I can't keep turning stuff down for no good reason other than laziness. When they offered to pick me up and carpool as it was on their way, I couldn't hardly say no.

Turns out the friends-of-friends left the coffee shop before we could get there. We all ended up hanging at this club called the Liquid Lounge instead. Was me, James, Ingrid, John, Will, and...Colleen? She got upset when James forgot her name, and now it's slipped my mind as well. Dammit. Cool little place that's mostly a sushi bar, but has more of an artsy feel to it rather than anything Oriental. Big couches and little black video-game style recliner chairs surrounding little square plain wood low tables with abstract art all over the walls. Had a live Jazz band playing as well, who totally rocked out (though the drum solo guy would go on solos from time to time and amusingly forget to stop and let the rest of the band join back in). Friends of Ingrid's, so they came and hung out with us between sets. Waitress was pretty cool, too...didn't catch her name, but she was someone James knew from when she worked at Picklefish. Amusingly enough, while I was checking out her tats she showed me one on her right arm that was of Usagi and Princess Serenity. Okay, major geek points there, and definitely the last thing I was expecting to see while at a club downtown but still tres awesome in it's own odd way. I didn't say a whole lot; mostly I just chilled and listened to some Jazz. That alone was worth the cover charge as it's damn near impossible for me to relax. Towards the end I started to tense back up as my PDA would buzz and it'd remind me of emails being sent to my work address. Growing ever more weary reminded me that I needed sleep else I'd be a zombie the following morning, a day where I'd need my endurance moreso than the others of the week. But I suppose all good things must come to their end.

As must this post. I needed to do something for a few minutes while my body warmed back up from being outside and my mind began to settle back down from an unexpected night's activity. Perhaps I'm now ready to go on to bed.