January 13th, 2009

Gunslinger Girl - In a hurry, gottarun!

Fuck you, Five Day Forecast

I'll split the difference. I suppose I have good news as well as bad for this upcoming weekend.

The good is that my boss wanted me to work Saturday and Sunday. I told him that I was off. He tried to argue the point with me...of course I'm supposed to be off on the weekends but he needed me to pull three days of double-shifts instead. I repeated that no...I'm OFF. Luckily I requested this coming Friday and Monday off about two months ago. Wasn't much he could say after that since I had those two days as bookends.

It's not as much fun as it sounds. Monday I have a dentist's appointment and some other chores I gotta do. Friday I took off mostly because I had another use-it-or-lose-it day I had to cash in by the end of the month, and knew that folks would be bugging the shit out of me if I stayed around there. No big plans over the weekend, either - Mom wants me to come eat shrimp at their place on Saturday, but aside from that it's just another weekend. (Hell, even the shrimp boil's probably as much an excuse to see Buck and the baby as it is anything to do with me. Bein' from the coast we do things like that fairly often.)

Friday, though, was going to be my parkour day. Was kinda looking forward to that. Before the time switch I was spending some summertime time outside in the early evenings before the sun went down. Now it's dark-thirty by the time I get off from work. Weekends and the almost unheard of off-days are all I got, really, when I want to be outdoors. And of course, Mother Nature being the bitch that she is decided to interrupt this long string of 75 degree weather with a week that gradually is getting colder and colder until it hits highs in the low 40's over the weekend. The timing couldn't be better. Joy.

Guess I could still give it a shot. Extra layers of jackets could equal extra layers of built-in padding...though slamming against walls or dropping hard onto frozen ground ain't exactly all that pleasant, either, when it's that damn cold.
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