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Hospital dramas are a time-honored staple of television, from General Hospital to County General to Seattle Grace. Which TV hospital would you most want to check in to? And who would be your doctor?

Another bizarre question. I'm not sure I'd want to be on any of the television medical dramas - especially House M.D., despite how brilliant he is and how much I love that show. The number of people listing that as their first and only answer simply boggles my mind.

I mean, aside from him being King of All Assholes, am I the only one who seems to recall that every patient on every episode is very nearly killed by three bad diagnoses before the team finally hits the right one with seconds to spare? 0_o;

Same thing happens with pretty much any of the other medical dramas as well. I'd rather just skip to the fourth and final diagnosis, thank you very much. Or stick with a regular doctor of the non-Hollywood variety that didn't require such dramatic tension for each of his patients.

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Definitely a "You had to have been there" moment, but I just have to post this anyway.

I'm kind of getting into parkour and free running and all, and I've always been a fan of things like American Gladiators and now Ninja Warrior. So when I heard about this new TV show called Cha$e, I tuned in to give it a try. Wasn't as good as I had's less running and athletics and more hiding and watching people panic. Pretty much a glorified game of tag, where the Hunters chase down contestants and the first one to escape to a hidden exit gets fabulous cash and prizes. Still an OK watch, I suppose. But tonight's episode was absolutely fucking hilarious.

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Between those two things? That might have been the funniest reality episode/athletic competition/non-comedic TV show I've seen in years. XD

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