October 8th, 2008

AzuDai - Questionable Foodstuff, Questionable Foodstuff

Lunchtime bite-size snack

Had to work late last night. Real late. Ended up having to eat out of the vending machine, something I desperately try not to do if at all possible. Had my share of that in college.

It was damned hard to find something that fits in with my training program. (You see, it's a "training program" because "diets" are for girls. And I'm an ex-jock, so I still think in terms like that. Besides, "strength and conditioning" sounds far more mantastic even if both are just diet and exercise either way.)

Best I could find were some donut sticks. Mostly bready, and one of the few things that wasn't a candy bar. And it looked a helluva lot better healthier than the bear claw sitting next to it. Label even proudly said "Zero Trans Fat!" so I gave it a shot. Damned thing still had over 20g of fat in it, almost all of which was saturated fat. Nearly half the recommended intake all in one fell swoop, and that's considering the average caloric intake and not something more geared for performance.

I think that sort of thing should be illegal somehow. It's wrongly deceptive. Though the worst I saw so far was a chocolate-covered frozen banana at the grocery store. Every other word was "nutritious", "healthy", "natural", or whatever else. And though it'd still be a cheat, I thought at least it'd be somewhat healthy. Till I saw the 500 or so calories, tons of fat, and damn near everything else that could possibly be wrong with it. Just for grins, I compared that to the biggest, most king-sized candy bar I could find at the checkout line and found that the candy bar was actually much more nutritious than that "frozen healthy snack".

Ugh. Is it too much to ask for a little truth in advertising?
Tasuki - accomplished

Yes, I do realize that I am "The Man". Though thanks for noticing!

Title is an actual excerpt from this morning at work. Said jokingly between friends, but still with good reason.

I was heralded as a genius when I arrived at work today. No kidding. All the users showed up, and I came in an hour early to assist them with the new changes that me and the new guy stayed late and worked on the night before. You know, answering questions and performing some basic follow-up. Instead, I heard voice after voice calling out that I'm "the Man", that I'm awesome, and that I am an absolute genius. Even got a hug!

I can count the number of times that's happened on one finger. But damn, it was still pretty cool. Pretty much made my day.

[EDIT]: Also had one of the front-desk receptionist girls at the other company mention, completely randomly, that WOW I look so much more slender in blue. Of course, I'd like to think it's because I've dropped those 25 pounds in the past two months, but hey, it's still a compliment I'll gladly take. XD