October 6th, 2008

Tasuki - gimme!

(Icon very much related)

Friday, our government voted to send almost a TRILLION dollars to bail out all these people who lost a lot of money in the stock market. (Personally, I still like my idea to give everyone $50,000 and let them bail their own damned selves out, but maybe that's just me.)

Meanwhile, back at work...

You see, the Big Boss gave some folks these cheesy inspirational desk calendars back at Christmastime. Basically 365 different ways of saying "get your ass back to work and start being more productive". Just your typical, random collection of business-related quotes, mostly with the theme of being successful.

The quote that day read "You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money." (Actually, it was Thursday, but the big news story that day was all the lobbying to get the votes. Plus it was still showing Friday morning when I came in so it still counts, dammit.) Given the credit crisis and all that's going on, I found it strangely amusing.

Probably the last thing for a while, though, since starting tomorrow I have to work late every day for at least two weeks... *groans* Better get to bed.