June 30th, 2008 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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Night of Champions was last night. One of the most interesting wrestling PPV's as every single belt was being defended. Undercard matches are often filler to give folks time to buy popcorn and T-shirts, but that's hard to do when every match is a title match.

Even more interesting was that most matches were interpromotional matches, as much as such exists amongst the "brands" within the WWE. The Draft was less than a week prior, so that added a whole new level of complexity. Instead of just having a contest to see who carries the strap for RAW, for example, several of these matches ultimately decided what show a belt would be defended on. That'll influence the upcoming storylines and rivalries and such far more than even a normal world title match for obvious reasons, and even caused me to mark out a little.

Side note: Coolest thing EVER, and a decision I was very pleased to hear, was that the talent for the most part wasn't informed about their status prior to the draft. Jim Ross even threatened to quit after finding out - live on television - that he was being drafted away to Friday nights. Others had less severe reactions, but still genuine shock and surprise, and still one of the rare decisions that I just have to applaud.

(Forgetting, of course, the poor taste shown that same night by staging a Vince McMahon accident in the same week that a member of the TNA crew really did lose his life in a similar incident. I suppose they're about ready to carry on with whatever lame storyline they were building up towards when Benoit flipped out and went all psycho bat-shit crazy, but I digress.)

But anyway, I was really curious to see what they would do for this PPV. And despite it being the most unpredictable one in recent memory, one of the few that really did leave a lot of things up in the air, I called every single match. Called all the mystery opponents. Called all the results. Only one that was even slightly in doubt was the HBK match...I correctly called that rather than making him job due a kayfabe-injury (a distinct possibility, as they have to keep the Kid hot without giving him a belt), that instead they'd bring over one of the new acquisitions and drop the gold on him. I was a little torn between Rey and Kofi, but figured they'd introduce the hot new talent to RAW by giving him some gold to legitimize him, and that'd free Rey to chase whatever RAW's top title will be or at least ensure a place with the other A-listers. He's already well known enough to get a huge pop without any deliberate push.

Ah well. Sometimes I wonder why I even still watch all of this if I see the plot "twists" coming three and a half miles ahead of time. Kind of makes me miss the days back in high school where people were taking bets on PPV outcomes.

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