November 30th, 2007

Kyo - Confused

Random fruit-related observation of the day:

I bought a caramel apple at the store the other day. Apple, with a stick in it, rolled in caramel and then sprinkled with peanuts. You know the type.

Last night, I ate it.

Last night, I also noticed the nutritional information. Apparently, that one apple was supposed to feed 4.5 people. Says so on the label..."about 4.5 servings".

Now, I understand how these sorts of things might be up to debate with a family-size bag of nachos, a jug of milk, or anything else that you have to measure or count. But one single solitary apple? One pierced with a stick, suggesting that it to be eaten in one serving by holding the handle and munching away, rather than removing that handle and cutting it into 4.5 pieces? (Exactly 4.5, you's precise enough for the decimal point, but still vague enough to use the qualifier "about".)

Never before has a single piece of fruit confused me more. Now I know how Newton must have felt....stupid apples...
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