July 8th, 2007

Phoenix, The Fire still Burns..., Firebird, Rise from the Ashes

Rising from the Ashes, Reborn is the Flame...

I need something to look forward to.

You know, some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Some kind of goal. Or at the very least, a nice juicy carrot on a stick - the illusion of a desired outcome.

Most of my goals are limited by time, not money. Just not enough time...never enough time. And the goal of owning a bike's a fair distance off due to how damned expensive those things are. Not like I ever go anywhere anyways...the Big Red Machine will do me just fine, and I do love my truck. Ain't sacrificing a damn thing driving that beast around, especially now with the reduced commute to work.

Think I'm going to start making more serious plans about my tat, then. I'm still a few grand in the hole when it comes to student debt, but this'll be my big reward once that weight's off my shoulders. Perhaps sooner if I can swing the extra expense, because I've been wanting one for a good ten years but have yet to actually follow through with it.

First one I'm getting is a phoenix, rising from the ashes. It's a powerful symbol that means a great deal to me, personally. Problem is I don't know exactly what I want - or rather, I do know but can't quite find a good example of it. I know it needs to have fire as the central theme, so it looks like a true flaming phoenix rather than one of the girly "bird or paradise" designs I most often come across. It needs to be full of reds and golds and yellows, and only the bare minimum orange to tie it all in together...pretty much just for the fire, but not so much the bird. And I want something with the wings prominently on display, as if spreading out to soar upward, reborn from the ashes. And the size and shape of it will need to fit nicely on my arm, as that's where the design will be located.

Any of you fantasy/art geeks ever see anything even remotely similar I can use for inspiration? Right now I'm just trying to find pictures that are "close enough", so I can use those for examples of what I'd like when I try and get someone to custom draw the exact design for me.