April 30th, 2007

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Big Daddy Cool's back in black

and sportin' the numbah three and DEI logos damn near everywhere. C'mon, Talladega fallin' on Dale Earnhardt Day? It doesn't get much better than that. Except when Gordon takes the checkers and the fans all RIOT... New seats, too, which are quite literally and without exception the best seats in the entire grandstands. ROCK.

But, I'm back from Redneck Heaven now and I gotta get ready for another week. Aaaand it's gonna suck, too...from here on out, super-uber-project-from-hell is going to eat my soul. Blargh.

Plus, there's the move. Filled out papers today and inspected my apartment. Got my key and parking pass. Turned on the utilities - electricity and internet, at least. What else do ya really need?

But yeah. Move in date's tomorrow. Stuff gets packed all this week after work, assuming they don't have me pulling shifts-and-a-half the whole damn time. Stuff gets moved Saturday and Sunday. AND THEN WE PARTY!!!
Tasuki - insert witty remark here


Due to all the things goin on as of late (high and low, good and bad, but above all really damn busy), I'm almost completely out of the loop when it comes to...well, just about everything. Haven't read teh elJay in a good while. Haven't watched any news. Haven't watched much TV at all for that matter. Haven't seen many folks outside of XA on Thursdays, and I've even missed that two weeks outta three due to sickness. Hell, I even had to miss a day of work this week just to fit everything in.

Long story short, I'm about as clueless as can be on everything from the trivial stuff like what memes I've been tagged for to the important details on how folks are doing and what all they're going through in their lives. So, time for what will undoubtedly be my most open-ended post ever:

What's up, guys?