December 21st, 2006

Dr. Doom - The Doctor is IN

Ho Cubed

So I was watching the Peanuts Christmas special the other day. And I noticed that on a card that Linus tried to mail, it showed their address...Smallville, USA. While I'm aware that this is the de facto name in stories for the random small town that's meant to be anyone's hometown, my inner geek is far too strong to do anything but immediately think of Superman. Now I'm wondering if there's any insanely large-skulled, super-deformed characters named "Clark" randomly inserted into a background shot somewhere. It is an amusing thought, at least.

Though it's good that they're still able to show it at all, since instead of Santa and Rudolph and the gang they specifically mention mangers and shepherds and wise men. Not only that, but they quote a significant portion of the Christmas story directly from the Bible itself. Kind of rare in this day and age to see anything that publicly acknowledges the true reason for the season. But Collapse )

But back to the holiday special in question, I've recently discovered a new gripe. One that I'm almost ashamed to say that I've never really thought about until right now...just where the hell was Peppermint Patty? She's arguably one of the most prominent main characters, after the Browns and the Van Pelts. More so than Pigpen, Rerun, Schroeder, and the others who were included. Chuck's supposed to be the huge loser, but Patty never even got a fucking invite. That's pretty cold, I think. =P