October 4th, 2006

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Calling in any favors

Hey guys. Got a favor to ask of y'all.

I really could use your help...click this link and vote for Buck and Jessica!

I don't normally ask for much, and even now I'm trying to help someone else out more than I'm wanting something for myself. But my cousin, Buck, he's kind of hurting in a bad way. Got his high school girlfriend pregnant, and now he's stuck trying to raise an infant. Hurting for money, though, cause he's stuck in some low-paying job. And next to us he's one of the family's black sheep, so it's not like he has much financial or emotional support. (Yeah, it's no wonder I'm closer to him than pretty much anyone else in my extended family. Us misfits gotta stick together!) And his girlfriend's trying to put herself through school, so things are real rough. I won't get into the whole sob story, cause that ain't nobody's business nor is it my business to tell it.

Long story short, Buck's one helluva good guy that's been delt one shitty hand after another. Right now, he's working 12 hour shifts doing backbreaking manual labor, and then having to clean the house and cook and such while Jessica's off at school or working on papers or something, and still has to take care of their lil' girl on top of all that. And he does so without hesitation and without complaint. I'll be damned if I know of many people who work so hard for so little.

He's being a real man. He's doing the right thing. All he wants now is just to get married, but they're only barely able to feed themselves as it is. And fate's finally giving them a slight break. The Fair's doing a publicity stunt, offering to marry a couple for free. Not only that, but pay for the tuxes, the dresses, the cake, photography, the whole nine yards. Buck and Jessica entered, and they made it as one of the top ten finalists.


Voting's done online, at this address. It's American Idol-style, encouraging folks to vote early and vote often. So please, if you read this then at least click the link once and vote for Buck and Jessica, sixth couple on the list. If you only do it once, I'd really appreciate it. If you're bored and have a minute or two, and feel live voting five, ten times? I'd be even more appreciative. And if you can find it in your hearts to vote every day, or sweet-talk any of your friends into lending a helping hand for a poor boy that could use a break, I'd love ya forever.

I didn't hear about this till tonight, but it seems that this has been going on for a few days now. Started sometime while I was in T-town. So there's tons of votes already. And even though he's one of the ten finalists, he's still got a big disadvantage to overcome. Every day on the news, they're showcasing two of these couples. Interviewing them, and broadcasting it over the local news. Half of 'em are being done at 5:30 or 6pm, when everyone's at home. The other half are being shown somewhere 5-7am, right when everyone's asleep, groggy, on their way to work or wrestling with their kids trying to get them off to school. Guess which group Buck's in? Grr.

But anyways. Gimme a hand here, wouldja?

1) Go to http://www.northamericanmidway.com/motm/ggsf/weddingvote.aspx.
2) Vote for Jessica Rollo and Buck Presley, the 6th couple listed on the page.
[EDIT: Entries are listed randomly, and are different each time.]
3) Enter in your email address. Or someone else's. Doesn't matter to me...any unused spam-collector addy will be fine.
4) Click "Vote".
5) Repeat this process as often as you can, and see if anyone else will help you do the same.

Many thanks in advance. I'll keep y'all informed of how this turns out!