September 30th, 2006

Gunslinger Girl - In a hurry, gottarun!

I'm not going crazy. I'm going SANE in a crazy world!

Guess who's back in town?

Yep. Looks like your one week Nash-less vacation is now over, cause I'm back home from the 205. Hope the peace and quiet was good for y'all, cause on my end I had a helluva good time on my mini-vacation. Full con report to come's on now. Just the LSU game for now, but the Tide kicks off at 2:30pm and I doubt I'll get much done till that's over with. (Just look at last week...I miss one game, and see what happened? Bah.)

The drive was good, though. While I love to drive, I hate getting lost in unfamilliar places far from home. And I've heard horror stories about getting lost driving around Atlanta - can't say that I was really worried, but all the same I gotta thank God for gettin' me there and back safely in great time with no speeding tickets or wrecks or getting lost or anything. Just pulled into the parking deck, found a space almost immediately, and things couldn't get much better.

Two minor hiccups on the way up there, though. Collapse )

The drive back was even more uneventful...just mile after mile of beautiful scenery, same as the ride up there but different as I took a different path upon my return. Drove through the Talladega National Forest, as well as several other more naturally occurring woodlands. Saw the foothills which would lead up to the mountains in northern Alabama, tons of peaceful lakes and rivers and streams, rolling fields of farmland, and just about everything else. Went through the state capital of Montgomery, big cities like Birmingham, small Mayburry-esque towns that looked like they were plucked directly out of 1940's Americana, and of course my second home of Tuscaloosa, AL. All in all, it was a very relaxing drive.

Yeah, I've been to Japan. I've been to Europe. Paris? Tokyo? Washington DC? I've seen 'em. I don't give a shit about what those damn yankees think of us Southerners. Nor do I take too seriously the complaints of some of the locals who want to "escape" their small-town upbringings when they really haven't been anywhere else or seen things for themselves. But no matter what kind of ignorant stereotypes folks say about us, Alabama kicks so much ass. Ain't nowhere else I'd rather claim as my home.

*confident grin*
*background music*

Ahem. So, where was I? Oh yeah. Collapse )

Now it's time to unwind, watch some football, eat some steak and taters, and rest up my sore back till it's time to get back to work, job hunting and doing chores and other less than plesant tasks.
Spike - Just Dumb & Horny

Anime Convention Horoscope

Now that I'm home, I may as well skim through my AWA program and see what all I missed. ^_^;

Well, not really, but it gives me something to do while I'm performing mindlessly repetative file transfers. Bleh.

Full con report to come, but I caught almost all of the panels that I was planning on seeing, very much unlike last year. Didn't miss out on all that much. But what caught my eye in this event guide was the Horoscopes section on the last page. Mine reads "You should take a mini roadtrip, because romance is just around the bend." That's somewhat humorous, considering that I just got in from my mini-roadtrip just yesterday, and actually picked up this booklet while on said roadtrip. Lemme give this a try...


*crickets chirp*

Ah well. Was worth a shot, I suppose. *tosses mag into trashcan* Considering how that almost everyone in the Waverly this weekend was out-of-towners showing up for the con? Pretty much everyone's on a mini vacation, and saying that "good luck follows a roadtrip" is a safe bet considering almost all the Capricorns there were "on a trip".