September 25th, 2006

Tasuki - accomplished

Does this count as a "Phonepost?"

AWA 12? Kickass. Back was reeeeally giving me problems on Saturday, which caused me to be a little grumpy and iritable, but I still had a damn good time. Not as much drunken revelry as last year, but instead I got to attend some interesting and amusing panels.

Now, I'm bumming around Tuscaloosa for few days, and it feels good to be back "home". No real plans, per se...just going to play things by ear. (Note to self, however? Be sure to grab lunch at Guthries one day while you're in T-town...that's good eatin' there.)

Still semi-AFK, however. Further updates to come when I'm not blogging via Dangerphone. Or at least till I got a few hours to kill while waitin' for jovan_scorn to get offa work.