September 17th, 2006

This is Alabama Football

Showdown Saturday

Yesterday was perhaps the single biggest day for college football all damn year. I quite literally got up at ten for the early game, and watched non-stop till the late game went of the air at ten at night. There were so many games I was having to flip between two very close contests at points to try and watch them all. Caught the recap of all the other games on SportsCenter, and then it was eleven. And under normal circumstances, I'd have caught the replay of the Alabama PPV game then and kept watching till the wee hours of the morning.

WAY too much going on to discuss everything in detail, but I'll jot down my initial thoughts for each of the games I was keeping my eye on:

Collapse )

After all that, I went out bowling with my friends. Had a damn good time, aside from one spilt beer. My back's not too happy with me, though, since for the first part of the night I was stuck using a 16lb ball when I was kinda hoping to maybe use nothing higher than a twelve with my back being like it was. We eventually found a 14 pounder, which helped, but I didn't bowl all that great of a game. Good thing the scoreboard was broken, cause I didn't really have much interest in what my totals were. Heh.

For some reason, it seemed like damn near everyone was complimenting me last night, just for random things. I wasn't expecting any of that...I just came there to bowl...but it did kinda kick ass. Always good to know your friends are in your corner, and I'm very thankful for that. Especially all the talk about tomorrow's job interview, which admittedly I'm just now starting to grow slightly nervous about. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to quit blathering about all these games that have already happened, and pump myself up with non-stop hardcore rock and metal and other such music, so when I step into those glass double-doors tomorrow I'll be as pumped up as it were Gameday. I ain't a jock no more, but it's basically the same deal: the stakes are high, the game's on the line, and it's up to me to go out there and do what I do best. (Just no cute girls in miniskirts to ogle afterwards...) =P

Keep on kickin' ass, especially all y'all with jobs to grudgingly return to tomorrow, and I'll catch ya later.
Skeletor - Pure Evil

Okay, so one more post...

Saw this nugget on, and since I had riffed both Star Wars and Transformers (G1) in recent entries I thought I'd repost that here as well.

Everyone knows that these 80's cartoons all tried to teach a lesson. Sometimes it was within the show itself, such as how Megatron's plans to steal energon would always fall through (because stealing is wrong, yanno). More often it was blatantly pointed out in educational segments after the actual show. Case in point, "Knowing is Half the Battle!" Or using a different fandom for an example, the lame-ass "Sailor Says" DiC add-ons after the dubbed version of our favorite anime.

And while those segments did teach valuable lessons, the author of this article argues that the more subtle lessons those shows taught have affected our entire generation, and are responsible for how we think of things even today.

(All tongue-in-cheek humor, but definitely worth a click if you've ever shouted out "I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" as a child.)