September 14th, 2006

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Han Solo still shot first, dammit!

Huh. Just got a letter from the HR department at work. They said that they can't find any of my payroll information for this year, the last financial records they have dating back to 2005. So they mailed me a W-4 form and want me to fill it out with my current information.

Not to be an asshole, but while complying with their request, I'm going to have to fill out this tax form with things like "0 hours" worked, "$0" as the amount of money I've made working for them this year (if you can even call it working), and so forth. Just tellin' the truth, and filling out the form as best I'm able. Maybe this'll either convince them to deploy me somewhere, or at the very least clue them in on why I'm beginning to interview with other companies elsewhere. Nothing against them, but if you can't pay me then I'm out the door.

Aside from that, I was logging on here to repost an amusing article that I found. It was on another personal website, so I'll cut-and-paste the comments here as well as linking to the original source. Definitely a must-read if you've ever bitched and moaned about Midichlorians or anything else about the Star Wars universe. Today's geek humor comes from where it was posted in mid-August (about halfway down the page) under the title "Star Wars musings":

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I'm sure that most of the "true" Star Wars fans on here have had some of the same gripes, especially about the "Special Ed" edition released in the late 90's or the subpar prequel trilogy that followed. Plus others that he didn't address, like just how ridiculous the Han-Greedo cantina scene was, with a trained bounty hunter missing a stationary, human-sized target from two feet away...his shot firing from the barrel of his blaster at an absurd angle...the unrealistic timing of the edited footage...etc. But still, it's a nice, well-written and humorous compilation that I just had to share.