September 7th, 2006

DBZ - focused, DBZ - outlaw

The company we keep, roaming the land while you sleep...

Okay. So, tomorrow's Friday. The Protector comes out tomorrow, and for those of you that don't know, that's the sequel to Ong Bak: Thai Warrior...which is the best damn kung-fu movie I've seen in quite some time. Tomorrow's also the day that The Covenant comes out, which is another movie that I've been lookin' forward to since I saw the trailer for it back when we all went to see...Clerks II, I think? Whatever. It's a kinda-creepy thriller movie bout folks with Spawn-like superpowers; they can do anything they want, but they grow weaker the more they use their power. Sounds interesting.

Anyways, if I try to actually "plan" something, it's almost guaranteed to fall through. So I ain't gonna bother trying to get "a group" together, cause I really just don't care. But if anyone else just so happens to be interested in goin' to see one or both of said movies....lemme know. Maybe we can meet up and such. Better to go with friends than bein' the only single person in the theatre on a Friday night.

Anyone interested? Leave me a note here, saying what and when. "Where" is gonna be the Wynnsong on Schillengers, cause I got no intentions on driving to the ass end of nowhere to see a movie, not when I drive a race-modified 454 and gas is three damn bucks a gallon. If it works out, then cool. If not...I may still go see 'em, maybe not. Depends on what I feel like. *shrugs*

[EDIT] I should also mention that Crank is still playin' as well. Another movie that looks pretty damn good. Add that one to the list of films for consideration.