August 31st, 2006

Sailor Mars - Fire Soul

It's been a while since I've really pissed anyone off. So.........

Despite being such an absurdly huge fan of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, my experience for the longest time was limited to the first two seasons. I watched the dubs religiously, those being all I had access to at the time, but was not able to catch any of the Sailor Moon S or SuperS premiers that were released at the tail end of it's run on Toonami.

(SailorStars is somewhere inbetween...I've seen the first third and the last third of the final season, but haven't seen a large number of episodes in the middle. I know what happens, aside from the few crunchy bits scattered amongst the "monster of the day" filler.)

And while I have seen all of the new PGSM live-action series, including the specials, I've actually not read the original manga in it's entirety. I should be ashamed, I suppose, but I didn't own but a few volumes and only read up through the start of Sailor Moon R. With scanlations, I've been trying to rectify that situation. But every time, I seem to get kinda bored after the Dark Moon of Nemesis story arc, with Wiseman and the Four Sisters and all. Maybe it's cause I'm so much more familiar with the earlier stories? Maybe I randomly get distracted by other things once I'm 40% or so through with the project? Who knows?

This time, I'm forcing myself onward. And I finally know why...I really, reeeeeeeeeally can't stand the Outer Senshi. Especially the fan-favorites of Neptune and Uranus.

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I'm going to keep slogging through this, cause I know it gets better when the Three Lights show up. But I have to admit that it's quickly becoming a chore. In the end, I'm kinda wishing Naoko would have killed it off after Sailor Moon R like she originally wanted to.