August 16th, 2006

Sailor Mars - Fire Soul

That painful tattoo, you cannot hide it...It's Moon Revenge. Whooooo.

It's kind of humorous how unrelated fandoms and interests sometimes overlap.

I had the urge to listen to "Moon Revenge" for some reason, that dramatic song towards the end of the Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose movie, when the Earth was about to get pwned by the giant meteor? So I've got it looping in the background, just cause I wanted to listen that song. And now I've heard the word "tattoo" at least a hundred times, that being one of the only English words in the entire song. And that only makes me wanna go get inked even worse. =P

(Coincidentally, one of the things I'm thinking about having done is a phoenix, so I guess they're not 100% dissimilar. Fire Soul Bird and all.) *shrugs*

Maybe an odd song to suddenly have a craving for, I suppose, but it's still better than that crappy "Power of Love" song from the English dub. Such a happy and upbeat song to watch the heroine die to while trying to prevent the death of the entire human race...