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Hokay, so. I'm watching baseball. And there's the "Hometown Heroes" commercial that they keep playing.

Babe Ruth seems to get pissed off, hearing the bar owner talking about Albert Pujols and saying that "he's the best". He obviously was talking about current players, but the joke is all the random memorabilia in the sports bar continued the discussion amongst themselves.

My question: Who the hell cares that Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs?

I don't mean to be an asshole, but a guy who's only claim to fame is being THIRD on the all-time home run list shouldn't be the one outraged when someone starts talking about who is "THE best". The rest of the people in that commercial do hold the #1 spot in their categories. Stolen Bases, Consecutive Games Played, etc. And it is a humorous commercial seeing each of the "Number Ones" arguing about which one of them is the overall best. But why was Babe Ruth the one to get so outraged that he wasn't the best, when everyone knows for a fact that there's two people ahead of him? (One that deserves it and one that's a steroid-infused freak, but I digress...)

I don't want to belittle his accomplishment. And it's still something to be proud of. But every single time I hear Babe bitch about "Well, I hit 714 home runs!", I always imagine a Hammerin' Hank Aaron baseball card nearby rolling his eyes, wondering if The Babe or anyone else remembers that he hit 755.

Boo Yankees!
Hooray Mobile!
Hooray Hank!
Hooray Braves!!

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