July 18th, 2006

There's a Hurricane coming through!

No, not THAT Beryl...

TS Beryl is spinning it's way towards North Carolina and Virginia. And while I don't want any of y'all in that area to get hit, after almost seven months of waitin', I'm hoping that this storm tears some shit up. (And that I'm one of the ones deployed to run the Help Room afterwards, of course).

Besides that, and watching the breaking news of this whole "World War III" thing, I haven't been doing much. So badly migrane'd that I can't really do much of nothing. Tomorrow I'll run some chores like gettin' a haircut and bitching at those folks at Best Buy and all, but no major plans. Might go ahead and pack my bags so that if I get called for Beryl I'll be ready, and if not, I'll at least preemptively be prepared for when and if I leave town.

(And yes, I know my icon's not quite as cool since Gregory Helms isn't wrestling under the ring name "The Hurricane" anymore. But it's the best hurricane-related logo I could think of, and more original than the default red spinny thing.)