July 5th, 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
First of all...this has really been bugging me. One piece of the LJ titlebar (the tile just below the pencil logo) all of a sudden was replaced by this:

Right in the middle of the layout. Not on one of my heavily-modified journal pages, or a friend's journal or anything...the http://www.livejournal.com homepage. Of course, I'm still using the burnt orange and purple old-school layout that likely many of y'all either switched over from or are too new to even remember. And even on the old layout, they've since corrected the problem. Yeah, blame my laziness for taking so long to ask this that no one can see what I'm talking about, but did anyone else see that a few days ago? Or am I insane? And though the latter is always a possiblilty, even if I am nuts can anyone tell me what this little face-type picture is of and where I might have gotten it? =P

Not a lot been goin' on. Watched the shuttle launch. Maybe I'm just a geek (again, not something I'm willing to argue against), but that was just one of the coolest damn things ever. Even more so to see something so patriotic on the Fourth of July. <changes LJ-icon to Captain America for no good reason, other than it's Independence Day> Didn't shoot any fireworks...freaks my dogs out and my Mom's got a big pet peeve against sudden loud noises. Plus it's kinda dangerous since we're twenty inches below our normal rainfall total for the year. And this isn't counting how I'm so fond of fires and explosions and the very, very not recommended things I can and will do with fireworks. *devious grin* But, we did do the barbeque thing, and ate us some ribs and chicken and tater salad and some watermellon and all that.

Then the folks piled up and watched some crappy movie, while I flicked on the news. Bout the only TV that I ever watch, except for whatever anime that Adult Swim's showin...and since that's all dubbed, even that's usually little more than background noise while I goof off online. But anyways, I can only shake my head and wonder just what the hell North Korea's thinking. It's already 6-on-1. Everyone's been treatening them not to test out that long-range missile. And they do so despite the warnings and threats, specifically on the one day where most American's are as entrenched in their cowboy mindset as humanly possible. *sighs* It makes it even funnier that their big-daddy rocked failed 45 seconds after launch...so soon that the U.S. NORAD systems saw it but didn't even have enough time to figure out where it woulda been going. Ah well, not much to worry about if their rockets explode on the launchpad, but we still should fire a few ICBM's their way and show 'em how it's done.

Speakin' of TV, though, I did catch ECW tonight. lj-cut for anyone who doesn't really care. Which includes me from now on...this shit's simply hopeless.Collapse )

...And some random internet babblings to finish things up with. Fer'instance, do I really seem more like a Tamahome than a Tasuki to y'all?Collapse )

Can't sleep (if that wasn't obvious enough by the timestamp), and it's prolly too late/early to even bother with trying. Damn dogs waking me up every single time I finally do doze off...*grumbles* Too mentally sluggish to watch Kannazuki no Miko or ARIA the Animation or even any new NANA eps that might have been posted since last time, so I think I'll stick with re-reading some Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon manga. I can go at my own pace, and I already know the story by heart so there's very little chance of me getting lost. =P

Anyways, Good Night Morning, everyone.

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