July 4th, 2006

Tasuki - Want some?

OK, time to die now.

U.S. official: North Korea tests long-range missile.
North Korea Missile Launches Detected
N. Korea Reportedly Launches 4 Missiles
North Korea test-fires missiles
North Korea Appears to Test-Fire Several Missiles
North Korea launches five missiles, including Taepodong 2 - UPDATE
Fact Box: North Korea's Missile Arsenal

I know it's a grab for attention. I know it's because the six-party talks all kind of stalled, and everyone's focused on Iran now. And I know that, as far as we can tell, the test was unsuccessful. But dammit, if they want our attention I think we should launch some back their way.

Hooray, fireworks.

[EDIT: Unofficial count's up to six now. Two long-range, three short-range, and I dunno about the others.]
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