June 30th, 2006

Piro - blank, Piro - not impressed, Piro - bored


Woke up very strangely today. I walked the dog, and afterwards dozed off on the couch instead of my bed. Had the news on in the background, just something to halfway listen to.

I wake up, hearing quite vividly something about a mother dying on a roller coaster at Disney's MGM themepark. My mother was at that park today...both my parents were in Orlando all week cause of some kind of meeting Dad has to go to for his Union thing, and last I heard they were going to go to the MGM park today since they were rained out earlier in the week.

So, I leap out of bed off of the couch and start paying attention. Didn't freak out or anything, but I'll be damned if it didn't wake me up real quick hearing that. Took 'em a while to replay anything on TV about the death, but when they did it was actually a twelve-year-old kid that died. Still sad, but a relief to me. I clearly heard the word "mother" and then "died at MGM park"...just didn't catch the entire thing as I slept apparently. =P

Besides that mini-drama, things have been goin' real slow. This whole time off thing was amazing for the first two weeks after the last storm, cause working almost nonstop robbed me of a ton of sleep. Was really good to get my batteries recharghed, and even for another two weeks after that it was kinda nice to have time to run around town and get my chores done. After that? Well, the "vacation" was okay, but got real old, REAL quick. I'm too antsy to sit here and do nothing...I gotta have something to do. C'mon, hurricanes, why ain't you hitting somewhere yet?!?!!

The whole "icebox full of condiments but no food" thing was lame as they said it was in Fight Club, so I went to the store and got some food. Some kind of peanut butter and carmel-ish power bar instameals, some fat free chocolate pudding cups, and random bachelor food like that. The only really unhealthy thing I bought, I think, was a root beer. Thought I was set, but waking up and eating sweet-tasting powerbar things, drinking root beers, and having pudding for desert has made me just feel ill...don't hardly even want to eat after all that sugar, or sugar-free sweet tasting substitutes as the case may be. Poor planning on my part, I suppose.

Funny thing is, the dog's eating better than I am. He was being finickey, prolly just upset cause the folks and Scar all left, so I cooked a can of chicken veggie soup to mix in with his dog food. It wasn't until I was about halfway through my "Yes, I CAN Believe It's Not Chocolate Because It Tastes Like Shit, But I'll Devour It Anyways" protien bar that I realized that the dog gets a hot cooked meal while I was choking back this crap. It was sadly amusing. Heh.

Thought about pulling together an impromptu road trip, with so many folks having time off for the Fourth of July weekend, but it kinda fell through. No matter, I really need to save my cash now anyways, cause I still got no clue when I'll start getting paid again. Next time I'm between storms though, I should have at least enough money to take a mini-vacation. Might swing around and hit the various towns in Georgia and north Alabama where some of my various friends and family live. Hopefully even on my bike, should the next storm be profitible enough.

Okay, there's a post. Hope that lasts ya till next time...just haven't had a lot to say this week. Been either hurt or sick or just plain tired. Ah well, they all can't be winners, ne? =P