June 27th, 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Woke up, back's still so shitty that I can hardly move. Had to blow off a trip to P'cola because of it...dammit. (Still waiting to see if I'm still going to be sick or not, though. Don't feel well, but it may be going back down. Hopefully.)

And later tonight, I'm supposed to shoot pool for several hours, and then meet folks up for the Superman movie. If my spine doesn't straighten out (and soon), the first will almost definitely be out and the second is only a 50/50 shot...at least that activity can be done while completely motionless. *sighs*

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United States Code Title 4 Chapter 1 — The Flag
§8. Respect for flagCollapse )

Okay, after reading that...does anyone want to explain to me the whole "let's make flag burning illegal" thing to me? You'd think that the Bill of Rights would be enough...I mean, "Freedom of Speech" was an important enough thing that the Founding Fathers listed it first and all...but a law forbidding flag burning just seems especially absurd after flag ettiquite itself specifially says that you should burn flags, even for something as minor as allowing it to drag on the ground. In fact, burning a flag is supposedly the most honorable way for a flag to go. (Of course, it also says not to disrespect the flag, which is a far more effective thing to say than "don't burn it"...)

Note that I'm not personally against the savage vigellante beating of asshats that disrespect the country by burning flags in the street and such. It just offends me that the government is wasting my tax money arguing and debating something like this instead of, say, securing the border or developing an exit strategy for Iraq or fixing Social Security or any number of other things that they could be doing right now.

No, folks should have more respect than to burn the flag, even if they do disagree with a certain President or other government official or whatever else. They're still Americans, dammit. Yes, people are going to abuse their Freedom of Speech by doing highly offensive shit like that. But they do have that freedom. While I would like to see such acts stop, it's simply not right to pass laws against it...especially when those laws directly contradict other rules currently on the books.

(Besides, am I the only one that thinks that if someone's enough of a disrespectful asshole to do something like burning and descecrating a flag to begin with, ignoring common decency and respect, that they similarly wouldn't ignore a law against a "victimless crime" such as burning a flag in protest?)

Sorry for the semi-random rant. *headdesk* According to the TV, this is the one and only thing happening in the entire country today...=P

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