June 21st, 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
I'm a soldier, born to stand
in this waking hell I am
Witnessing more than I can compute.

Pray myself we don't forget
Lies, betrayed and the oppressed.
Please give me the strength to be the truth.

People facing the fire together
If we don't, we'll lose all we have found

Save your tears for the day
When our pain is far behind
On your feet, come with me
We are soldiers stand or die

Save your fears, take your place
Save them for the judgement day
Fast and free, follow me
Time to make the sacrifice
We rise or fall...

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First off, thank you northlander72 for subjecting me to the mental trauma that is Johnny Turbo. For some reason, I must have missed that gap in my childhood geekery, despite remembering the Turbo-Grafix 16 days. I can remember Bonk, and even remembered briefly thinking as to what the Turbo dudes were gonna do once their mascot character was ported over to the Genesis. (Just seemed to break taboo, kind of like seeing Sonic on a NES.)

For anyone interested in advertising, comics, or video games, you gotta read this. The first two eps are mind-blowingly bad. It's the kind of propaganda that you rarely see, plus the "comic" itself is horrendous. And the third one is so....well...words just can't even describe it. All you can really say is:

(Also, if I didn't already have several "WTF" icons, I'd turn this picture into one in a heartbeat.) *smirk*

For a less homoerotic yet equally amusing video-game related set of links, lemme briefly summarize the recent battle me and illegalsanity had over AIM:

Danika: NASHY! Lookit!
Nash: Oh yeah? Well, I'll call your Mario with Ultimate Utopia XXIII, and raise you a Real-Life Tetris.
Danika: Dani-chan for the win! http://www.qwantz.com/posterchild/
Nash: *bows down*


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Okay, get this:

We have a fence around 99% of our property. White picket fence up front, six foot privacy fence along the sides, and chain link around the lot next door. It joins to either side of our front porch, such that only the front yard is "open". On the front gate, easily seen from the road, is the default "BEWARE OF DOG" sign. And while we have not done so yet, we're planning on adding one on the other half of the swinging gate that simply says "Our American Bulldogs can make it to the fence in 2.7 seconds. Can you?" (This generic sign doesn't include any warnings that our particular dogs can leap said fence, and almost implies the opposite. But it definitely gets the point across.)

We have CHAINS across our front steps, draped between the posts that hold up the guard rails on either side. A sign is suspended at approximately waist-high, saying "Do not Disturb. YES, this DOES mean you!" This is mainly cause my father works shiftwork and as a result often sleeps during the day...our few houseguests almost always call first, rarely showing up unannounced. But still, it's not exactly a welcome mat...

On the front door, we have a sign saying "STOP!!!" in huge red letters, that the doorbell is broken (which it is), and to call ahead. Then there's very close-up pictures of our two 150lbs bulldogs, with their weights listed underneath the images. Beneath this is a warning saying in no uncertain terms that they do not like strangers and will attack. Anyone wanting to "drop by" needs to call first so we can lock the beasts up in another room, even if they do so from a cell phone inside their own car in the driveway. Only then would they be able to enter safely.

A similar sign is on the back door...we almost never get guests there, and anyone that crosses the fence and makes it inside our garage has almost certainly already stirred the dogs up into a frenzy long before the sudden knock at the door could alert them to a stranger's presence. But for this story, that's not really relevant. Likewise, if anyone needs confirmation on just how fucking massive my dogs are, just ask James. He seems to like telling the story of the first time he met 'em, and their reaction to him when he ignored my warning to stay in his truck till I could trap them in the house. *evil grin*

I suppose that's enough for the mental image. Long story short, all we're missin' is the crazy old lady on the front porch in a rocker with a shotgun.

Anyways, I go out to check the mail this afternoon, and notice a BRIGHT ORANGE piece of paper, face-down, lying on the third step. About as far as a normal-sized person could reach without stepping over the chains hanging from between the handrails.

It was an ad for a home alarm system, with free keypad and security checkup. *laughs*

(I'm really not too sure how to interpret that. On one hand, it's a very clever tactic to use when selling home security systems, basically proving that just about anyone could sneak up on you at any time. Devious and borderline creepy, but I can see how it'd be damn effective. On the other hand, I can just imagine Mr. Door-to-Door Salesman approaching our house, and deciding to just leave his flier there on our steps and not really take a chance at coming any closer...we got the free home inspection security exam already, without having to even buy the system, and his result was that yeah, we're safe enough. Our existing security works quite well...and that's even before they factor in the locks on the doors, or the crazy redneck sumbitch on the other side. Heh.)

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