June 15th, 2006

Tasuki - you're kidding...

Don't dreams occasionally come in "Good", too?

Couldn't sleep again last night. Just can't seem to turn my brain off long enough to get any rest. And after popping some Tylenol PM's, when I finally did manage to doze off, the dogs start raising hell and have to be let out to go chase whatever it is they thought they heard. *groans*

I didn't pull an all-nighter or anything - more like I'd kind of doze off for an hour, wake up suddenly, and take two more before I managed to get to sleep again. With all these short naps being constantly interrupted, I'm having the strangest dreams. That's odd enough on it's own, as I literally went for years on end without ever remembering a single dream, sleeping so lightly that I wondered if I even dreamed at all. Now, I usually have one a month, and even then it's fuzzy. But lately I'm having them a few times a week, and several a night when I do.

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Ugh, so damn exhausted that I can hardly type. I better go try to catch up on what I missed last night.
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