June 9th, 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
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Today got off to one REALLY shitty start, but I had a blast going to see 'The Promise' ([][][][]) and hanging with friends at IHOP till one in the morning.Collapse )

Great night. Had more fun than I had in a while, especially at the movie theatres considering all the duds we've seen as of late. Only problem is that I'm WIDE ASS AWAKE at quarter till four in the morning. I don't have a set timetable, but I do have a long list of chores that need to be done, several of which before 4:30-5:00pm when folks close for the week. So I'm going to go lay down, sans sleeping pills, and pretend that I'm about to go to sleep.

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WTF, man? The Mets get into a scandal, and it's over a freakin' MySpace account? That's just lame...where's the sex, the drugs, the gambling, the hotheaded loudmouth cussing out everything that moves? Y'all can't even get into trouble right. =P

(Of course, they are kinda leading the NL East, whereas my boys from Hotlanta aren't doing so hot in third place...let's just ignore that fact for the moment.) *sweatdrops*

Speakin' of which, I'm trying to see if I can find a video from one of the Alabama-Tennessee games, to pay you back for that last link you posted. "Let's go Yankees" vs "Yankees suck" is tame. Ain't nothing like hearing 80,000+ screaming idiots yelling "Fuck you, Rocky Top!" and "Go to hell, Tennessee!" at the top of their lungs in unison. *grins*

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