June 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
02:28 pm: Here go again... - 3 flames
02:33 pm: Bordersauce - 4 flames
12:49 am: Captain Random! - 3 flames
09:57 pm: Blood, sweat, and tears
12:11 am: A Day of great Evil - 5 flames
03:12 am: Tales of the Full Redneck Alchemist - 6 flames
12:14 pm: This one's for the Kaiju Kommander - 4 flames
06:14 pm: But he wears a helmet to work every day? - 1 flame
07:50 pm: In other news... - 5 flames
07:52 pm: I got TWO WORDS for ya! - 13 flames
10:22 pm: I got tagged, by teh Deek. - 5 flames
08:57 pm: Don't dreams occasionally come in "Good", too? - 6 flames
05:03 am: It's 5:00am. - 7 flames
06:01 pm: Are you ready? - 12 flames
01:58 am: Random Song Lyrics of the moment
06:15 pm: Random Video-Game Linkage - 10 flames
08:17 pm: Another unsuccessful ad campaign - 8 flames
09:48 pm: Holy shit! Atlanta Braves FTW!!!! - 4 flames
03:26 am: ((no subject)) - 6 flames
05:59 pm: This amuses me to no small degree.
12:36 pm: Today sucks already. - 2 flames
03:49 pm: Pop Quiz: - 13 flames
11:39 pm: I'm grumpy and bored. - 26 flames
02:40 am: PING - 9 flames

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"Love looks through a telescope; envy, through a microscope."
- Josh Billings

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The meaning of Siberia is 'sleeping land'.

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Terror Alert Level

Vital Stats
Name: You can call me "Nash"
AKA: Maverick, Big Red
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Age: 28 years
Height/Weight: 5'10", 225 lbs.
Eyes/Hair: Hazel, Dark Brown
Sign: Capricorn / Year of the Ram
Blood Type: O+
Pirate or Ninja: Ninja!
Availability: Single and looking
Occupation: Network Admin
Education: University of Alabama
Bachelor of Science (Comp.Sci.)
Certs: MCP, MCDST, Network+
Drinks/Smokes: Yes / Hell No!
Political Affiliation: Independant
Overall Awesomeness: 98%
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