May 31st, 2006

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Lies and Justification

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Firstly, Al Gore. He all but admits to lying in his new movie, ironically entitled Inconvenient Truths, with the justification that it's for our own good. He means well, so it's okay for him to deceive us to get his point across. I haven't seen the movie, so I can't say for certain how true or false it is. And protecting the environment is a good and noble cause. But is it any different than, say, protecting our country from terrorists? Just because you're trying to do what you think is the right thing...and even if the end is truly a worthwhile goal to strive can't simply make up your own "facts" to fill a propaganda movie with and pass it off to the masses as beign accurate. Reminds me of Michael Moore, a man whom I loathe and detest. I got nothing against someone who dislikes the current administration and tries to cause changes. We need protesters. We need different points of view. We need both extremes such that we can find the best path somewhere in the middle. But don't flat-out lie and make up reasons to go against something, especially when there's plenty of real reasons to want to take action.

Secondly, the obligatory "Bush sucks" post that everyone's required to make every so often. I didn't think he was that bad in the first term. Sure, there was plenty I didn't like about him, but as an Independant I'm almost always 50% pissed off with any given politican. We needed to go kick Osama's ass for what he and his cronies pulled. Iraq wasn't our biggest concern, but after all the UN violations unrelated to 9/11, I had no problems with pulling Saddam out of whatever rathole he ended up in. Twelve years too late if you ask me. My biggest problem was the USA Patriot Act, the most vile piece of legislation I had seen in years, but provided that it was just temporary emergency powers to try and get a grip on things on 9/12, I'd tolerate even that briefly. No different than government-imposed cirfews after a hurricane...they impose on our freedoms, but in an emergency sometimes you have to do things like that to protect folks.

This time around? Wiretaps? No thanks. Gitmo? That one prison's getting out of hand...close it down and stick those folks somewhere else, and make sure someone's keeping an eye on them. Blanket amnesty for anyone who can get here illegally? Bullshit - I gots no problem with legal immigrants, seeing how I have several multinational friends, but do it the right way like everyone else. Don't reward the assholes sneaking in, stealing American jobs, using our tax money to get free childcare and healthcare and such while paying no taxes of their own, and so forth. Not a big fan at all this time around...though I still feel that Kerry being just as liberal as Bush is conservative would simply have created a different set of equally bad problems.

I know it's sounding like I'm turning liberal, but I'd prefer to say that the conservative government has swung so far Right that it's out of my acceptable tolerance area. Current topic is a list recently posted, that shows the Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State, with my commentary to follow:

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