May 25th, 2006

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Contact Post

In an attempt to at least feel a little productive, I set up Outlook 2003 on my lappy and am in the middle of trying to organize all kinds of random information onto calendars, contact lists, address books, and what have you. It's been a while, and emails and AIM names and cell phone numbers change a lot more rapidly than I tend to update my books. I've been kind of lax on this, much more so than usual, as the only thing that I kept up with was my list of Admin Managers for work on my Dangerphone (which itself is outdated, those employees likely turning in their company phones once that storm was over). Might as well start getting things together before the next storm season hits, and I end up somewhere in South Carolina or Texas or Florida without no way of getting in touch with folks.

Well, it's time to pretend to still be a detail-oriented engineering student, anal about such things. I'm just going to start from scratch, deleting the old and outdated AIM contact lists and email address books and what have you, and recompile a master list based exclusively off of new and updated information. Kind of seems unefficient to delete and remove known good names, but it's simply time for a fresh start. It'd be easier to rebuild than to repair, and even for people who I have most of their info, I'm sure that there's at least some outdated info mixed in with all the good.

So, if you're someone I regularly keep in touch with, or if you would like to be? Reply to this post with whatever information you wish for me to have. I'll screen all replies, keeping said information private just between us. Just leave your name, online alias, email, AIM, birthdays or websites or whatever else you'd like, and I'll add it to the list. And if you want the same, lemme know and I'll return the favor.