May 20th, 2006

Piro - blank, Piro - not impressed, Piro - bored

Dead Man Posting

I'm not sure whether it's thriftiness or a glorious absence of sophistication, but one of the simple pleasures in life has got to be the last "glass" of chocolate milk before you totally run out of syrup. You know, when you can't squeeze any more out of the bottle so you just pour the milk into it and shake it up real good, and then drink it from the nozzle like it was a Gatorade? Good times. (I don't think it quite makes up for the insomnia or the sneezing and runny nose or anything, though...)

Ah well. Zombie Nash has spoken. Now, let's hope these Tylenol PM's kick in and I at least get four good hours of sleep before the morning comes. =P
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