May 19th, 2006

Bama Eyes, Bama Staredown

Day in Review

The Truck's back from the shop. My $200 A/C install ended up costing $1350 before it was all said and done. Guess it's the law of averages biting me on the ass for getting all that work done on it last time for such a bargain. Meh.

TMJ's acting up again, bad enough my jaw wants to lock up. So I'm thankful to still have a voice online - in person, I can manage a short phone call but after that I'm back quiet. And it sucks being hungry but not wanting to open your mouth to eat for the pain. (I'm sure James and Alan can feel me on that one, though.) =P

Spent today moving stuff. Buck needed me to bring The Truck over to haul a few loads for him, mostly baby things that his daughter has outgrown. The majority of it were things that I didn't even know what it was, to be honest. Guess it's a good thing that I'll never have any kids of my own. *shrugs* I also have to get out of the habit of calling her "Katelyn"...not that Buck knew, but naming his daughter so similarly to one of my RPG characters just begs me to call Krislyn by the wrong name all the damn time. Heheh.

When I finished unloading all of that junk off at his mom's, she wanted me to go fix her satellite TV. Said something about an "invalid signal". Turns out that it was just a matter of moving one or two wires and changing a setting on the TV's options, but I just love it how that because I'm a computer engineer, that also means I know how to work on TV's, VCR's, satellite receivers, alarm clocks, in-car audio, and anything else that plugs into a wall. (Not to say that I can't do all that...just that I ain't trained to do any of that, and it's just a matter of me figuring things out from scratch just like anyone else.)

Now, I think I'll take it easy for a while. Don't wanna push my back too far. So, I'm gonna eat me some watermellon. And go play Dynasty Warriors. Oh yeah! ^__^