April 24th, 2006

Hurts my very Being


Just started Mai-Otome. I've heard from multiple sources that Mai-Hime was good, and had a friend recommend it to me. An all-girl's school for Magical Girls in training, with stong shoujo-ai themes? Sounded like a winner to me. Once I mentioned that, though, several of my other friends warned me that it kind of blew. Most cited how much better Mai-Hime was, so I took their words with a grain of salt. Perhaps I'd be able to enjoy it, since I am unable to compare it to it's better, Alternate Universe counterpart. It couldn't be that bad, and even if it was ho-hum at best, I occasionally feel the need to watch something rather bad to appreciate the good ones. Perhaps it's because I'm friends with the Anime reviewers over at T.H.E.M. Anime, and after hearing about some of the bombs that they've been forced to endure I feel like I need to take my lumps as well.

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Long story short, I should have turned the damn thing of in the very first episode when I saw the monster with the exploding crotch cannon... -__-;

Sorry for the rantage...I suppose if I was going to write that much, I should have actually sat down and put all of this into a coherent review. But the moral of the story is that Mai-Otome sucks ass, at least as far as the five episodes I've seen thus far. It'd have to get a lot better real quick before I'd say otherwise. Until I feel the need to watch any more of this, which very well may be never, it gets only two beers on my patented six-pack scale. =P