April 23rd, 2006

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Another Saturday Night

Miso was rather uneventful last night. Not that it was bad or uninteresting - things were fun, though as "normal" as things ever get around there.

I pulled a minor prank, setting the computer's wallpaper to that of the Atlanta Braves website. Me and Mo always pick on one another about our respective teams come baseball season. Since he's pulling for the Mets, and the Braves just beat them in the series they finished up the day or two beforehand, I decided to joke around with him since I was setting up the computer anyways. He showed up, and when they minimized one show to load up the next, all you could see was red and blue "A's" across the screen. T'was funny, though I think everyone else in the entire building thought it was the "A" logo for the Alabama Crimson Tide, which is a different style of script but similar in a lot of aspects. It was a mistake on their part, but one I didn't really mind so much as it was equally as applicable. (Kind of like when my Tuxedo Kamen won first prize in a costume contest because they thought I was the Phantom of the Opera...heh)

That technically was Friday for MLA, but nobody bothered to change it back so it worked for Saturday's crowd as well. The joke was on Mo on Live Action Night, but the Anime Night crowd got a chuckle nevertheless seeing how "Big Red" apparently snuck up there and Crimson Tide-ified the Miso computer. ^_^;

Only thing worth noting about Saturday in particular was the raffle, which I managed to somehow win twice in a row. I bought a ticket on impulse the previous night at MLA. I mainly wanted some junk food, but decided that if I was buying anyway I'd grab enough goodies to spend $2.50 and get my free ticket. Just as soon as I picked it up, I remembered was the prize was...one of a random assortment of DVDs, none of which were stand-alone movies, any series that I was collecting, or even volume 1 of a new series. They were a stack of things that Pocky donated, and truth be told he already offered to give me any of them if I needed any of those random volumes for any of my collections.

The thought struck me that I'd probably win this time, just because it was something I had no real interest in and had already once declined. I shrugged it off, not worrying about it much since it was mainly to help the club raise a little funds, and it wasn't entirely likely for me to win two weeks in a row...especially since it took literally a year and a half to win the first time. Still though, I joked around about how I was going to have to win for a few weeks in a row to get caught back up.

I had ticket #117. Saturday night, Emily and Nichole get up on stage, and announce "The winner is..." and I holler out "117!" They slowly call off the numbers. "One one five". I mock a lamentation, though I really could care less. Just joking around. The winner apparently had left early, so they got ready to draw another number. I was turned around, only half-listening cause I was half-talking to Cameron and Mo at the time. Then I hear "Well, guess which number we called this time?" Again, I raise my ticket into the air and yell out 117 in a rather sing-songey voice. Suddenly, everyone starts clapping.

Apparently, I missed them call #116, another ticket from Friday night that wasn't in the audience. So they pulled a third one, and either in an amazing coincidence (or lack of adequate shuffling), they grab the third one in the series.

I look up, and then around the room, before asking Em "Why the hell is everyone clapping?" She replied with a simple "You won." Me: "No shit?" Her: "Yeah...come up here already!" Me (in the most tactless acceptance speech evar): "Damn, I just thought I was being an asshole. I didn't think you'd actually pull the ticket."

Slight moment of indecision, as I aleady knew I didn't need volume 5 of any series, but had to pick something. My badass and shoujo-loving sides came into violent conflict with one another as I had Kodancha (from the creators of my beloved Fruits Basket) in one hand and Akira Kurosawa's Samurai 7 in the other. I stuck with the Samurai, because I knew it was based on the classic Seven Samurai. I'd like to watch both series in time, but bein' one of the outlaws I had to stick with the badass samurai flick for my prize. Though naturally I tried to walk off with the entire bag containing ALL the movies, pulling a reverse Pocky...inside joke for anyone who knows his backstory and the origin of that nickname. *chuckles*

In other, non-geek related news, damn you Phoenix. Stupid Saturday night NASCAR races...bah! They were cool when they were just once or twice a year, for special events like All-Star races. Now everyone wants to hold one (because admittedly they are pretty cool), but there are so many and they're so random that I never know when they are. I wake up, all happy and excited that it's noon and almost time for the gentlemen to start their engines...and then I find out that the checkers have already waved twelve hours ago. *grumbles*

Ah well. I'm sore, tired, and worn out anyways. The extra bit of beauty sleep is much appreciated...Lord knows I need about as much of that as I can possibly get. =P
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