April 20th, 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
Miwa-san reposted this old link discussing the Five Geek Social Fallacies, and since I had all but forgotten about those, I figured I'd do the same. Got a whole batch of new friends who likely ain't seen them yet, and several of whom are victim to one or more of these themselves.

I don't know if I've changed, or "matured" as odd as that sounds coming from me, or if I've always just been an asshole. But very few of these really seem to apply to me, especially to any significant degree. Case in point:

Point by point analysisCollapse )

Another long and rambling post about nothing, I know. But hopefully that GSF article ends up making sense to the folks that ain't seen it yet. It's damned true as far as I can tell.

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Anyone else think it's ironic that they're choosing to run the drug episode of "Saved By the Bell" tonight, of all nights?

Or perhaps I'm just thinking too much again. *shrugs*

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