April 2006 - Damage Control: Nash's Journal — LiveJournal
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip-unzip it...
12:22 am: Good....Bad....I'm the guy with the bat.
04:03 am: I'll still be doing it the way I do it - 2 flames
04:37 pm: Anyone taking bets? - 4 flames
03:36 am: WrestleMania 22 - 3 flames
01:10 am: Every man falls, but the just man rises. - 2 flames
01:02 pm: Time is of the essence
02:26 am: The Fire Still Burns - 4 flames
01:03 pm: B-O-R-E-D - 4 flames
03:06 pm: Tony Stewart just hit the pace car...
05:45 pm: Oh-oh-ohwoah, oh-ohoh-OW!!!! - 1 flame
05:22 pm: John Gibson is an idiot.
03:05 pm: Randomness - 2 flames
03:55 pm: It's the end of the world as we know it... - 1 flame
08:20 pm: Rammer Jammer, bitches... - 6 flames
04:29 am: Random Song of the Day: - 2 flames
11:39 pm: EvaBop
01:18 pm: Pedro lacks political experience. - 9 flames
03:03 pm: That ain't right! Lord, I appologise fer that right there... - 1 flame
04:22 pm: I love character memes like these
11:41 am: Lightning Heart - 5 flames
08:43 pm: Fuckitall. - 3 flames
04:10 pm: Digging back into the archives...
11:12 pm: 4-20 - 5 flames
02:50 pm: Quote of the Day: - 1 flame
05:56 pm: The Post that Never Ends... - 4 flames
01:40 pm: Another Saturday Night - 5 flames
07:57 pm: Mai-PieceOfCrap - 9 flames
12:38 am: Sweet Jesus, it just gets WORSE!!! - 3 flames
11:47 pm: That doesn't sound hot. That sounds PAINFUL. - 9 flames
05:53 pm: This is one sexy car - 4 flames

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Chickens can't swallow while they are upside down.

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Terror Alert Level

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Location: Mobile, Alabama
Age: 28 years
Height/Weight: 5'10", 225 lbs.
Eyes/Hair: Hazel, Dark Brown
Sign: Capricorn / Year of the Ram
Blood Type: O+
Pirate or Ninja: Ninja!
Availability: Single and looking
Occupation: Network Admin
Education: University of Alabama
Bachelor of Science (Comp.Sci.)
Certs: MCP, MCDST, Network+
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Political Affiliation: Independant
Overall Awesomeness: 98%
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