February 26th, 2006

Tasuki - smirk

March Newtype. Buy it NOW.

Miso Anime Club made the pages of this month's Newtype magazine. Page 95, half-page article with pictures and everything.

Even a minor blurb about a certain Redneck Otaku, though I've yet to buy my copy and see it for myself. Something about "where else are you going to find a good ol' country boy that's also a die-hard Sailor Moon/Fushigi Yuugi maniac"? Doesn't mention me by name, but I think it can be logically inferred who they might be talkin' bout there.


And 'grats to the Miso Crew for the coast-to-coast recognition.
Hurts my very Being

In which my "Stoopid People" userpic narrowly beats out the default "News" one:

The only thing more stupid than protesting the Olympic Games?

Rushing the stage while wearing a website's T-shirt, stealing the mic away from the IOC President, and trying to plug your sponsor...before being choked out by half a dozen security guards.

(Ah well, I suppose it's at least a good thing he wasn't wearing a turban and a dynamite vest. That could have ended much worse...)